Methods  and Materials
Every single material riffmachete uses riffmachete makes sure its ethically sourced, riffmachete knows that sounds kind of like new age bullplop but riffmachete has a real problem with people who are happy to turn a blind eye to human rights in order to get a product cheaper riffmachete does his absolute best to be certain nothing he uses comes from countries with a proven history of human rights abuse.
your real vote is with your money

riffmachete uses an antiquated forgotten method of etching taught to him by a old man, long dead.
The method is very labour intensive and moreover more of an art than science but in this unpredictability allows more creativity and freedom as well as a personal impromtu quality of which riff machete makes beautiful use.

Not aversed to working in any particular steel although riffmachete prefers stainless (Something about knowing that what he is making has the potential to last a thousand years.)

riffmachete always makes full tang blades without exception, aiming for battlestrength tools. working with modern plastics
like IR acrylic, rubber and kydex as well as beautiful exotic hardwoods and repurposed materials.

Trained to professionally sharpen (or polish) blades by a japanese master katana maker whose family have been making blades for four generations.

All of riffmachete knives come with a professional live edge straight out the box.

The heat treatment riffmachete blades all go though is performed by a professional industrial cryogenic heat treatment facility that uses computer controlled vacuum furnaces, cryogenic processing and digital tempering ovens.
Resulting in ultra low distortion and near zero oxidisation and obtaining the absolute maximum from the steel.

At riffmachete.com hand made means hand made.
Not the legal definition which equates to unknown origin manufactured parts assembled by whoever in one place, everything riffmachete produces is from raw material to finished product and designed and made on one bench by one person in one country

all riffmachete products come with a signed certificate of authenticity

riffmachete.commade in England


shipping worldwide is included at no extra cost

tracked and insured world wide shipping

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