All the tools available here are made for the professional they come with a real live edge making your average old swiss army knife look like that blunt old letter opener your granddad had,
 they are not the kind of thing you play about with.
Have a careless negligent accident with an ebay blade and you might need some stitches,
have a careless negligent accident with a blade made by riffmachete  and you will probably need emergency surgery to
reconnect what ever you severed.

To buy any tool from RIFFMACHETE.COM you must be over 18 years old,
or older depending on the local laws in your region of earth.

You will doulbtless come across a lot of of knifemakers who actively market there knives as self defense or combat blades, even making items purely designed to wound and maim people with no other use. These people are at best naive and irresponsible and at worst retarded and criminal just because it isnt illegal dont make it right.

Nothing available at riffmachete.com is designed or intended for use as a weapon.

riffmachete routinely has his work protected against unrighteous use by way of
macamba curse.

If your a bad guy looking for bad stuff go look somewhere else
 otherwise be prepared for the voodoo.
Dont say i didnt warn you and dont come crying to me when stuff starts falling off.